Posted on Jun 14, 2013
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Raas-Garba | Three Day Indian Vedic Wedding in San Jose

The Raas-Garba Festival of Kinjal and Hitendra took place on day two of the three day Indian Vedic wedding in San Jose.


I am Excited to share these beautiful photographs with you as well as provide some insight to those who are not familiar with the Raas-Garba Ceremony. The beautiful couple lovingly received all of their guests and personally greeted and welcomed each one of them. The house was exotically perfumed by the spiced vegetarian feast being cooked. The mood was happy, casual, festive and loving. The house was decorated in an array of colors with each woman, man and child adorned by bright and sparkling colors on their traditional Saris, Kurtas and Indian attire.


Raas-Garba Ceremony

Raas-Garba Ceremony is a night of energetic and playful dancing that takes place before the actual wedding day .Raas and Garba are typical Gujarati folk dances that everyone can participate in. Garba is done solo and involves rhythmic steps in a circular form while Raas is done in pairs while holding sticks called dandia. The dance involves hitting your partner’s dandia with your own while following the beat of the music. The Ceremony is a traditional part of an Indian Wedding.

I hope you love the pictures as much as we do!

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