Posted on Apr 04, 2017
What to wear to your Engagement Session
What to wear to your engagement session
Scheduling your engagement session is exciting, but figuring out what to wear can be a bit confusing and a tedious process. Bellow are some of my top tips on what to wear during your engagement session.
1. Wear something that makes you feel beautiful AND Confident.
Try to wear something that highlights your best assets and flatters any flaws (which we all have!).
If you love your legs, wear a nice cocktail dress with heels. If you don’t like your arms, wear something with a bit of arm coverage. The point is, you don’t want to be tugging and pulling your clothing during your session. Wearing something that makes you feel confident, comfortable and beautiful is key to beautiful pictures.
2. Dress up
Wear clothing that is a bit more festive then you normally would wear. After all, the engagement session is a celebration of you two! I always suggest to bring two outfits- one semi casual, and a more formal one.
Think jeans, heels and a nice blouse for your first outfit with your second outfit being more dressy / formal such as a strapless cocktail dress or a long flowing maxi dress. For him, pick a nice pair of jeans/ slacks with loafers or casual dress shoes with two button down variations. A bow tie / tie is optional.
Orlando engagement Session
3. Color coordinate, but don’t match.
I always suggest complimentary colors, not matching colors. Wear a color scheme that is complimentary such as Navy and Red, or Peach and Beige. I suggest bringing a lighter colored outfit and a darker outfit for variety. I don’t suggest matching colors as it might look too “Family portrait-y”. I just created my own word!
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4. less is more!
Over cluttered outfits or overly trendy outfits might look great today, but might not look amazing 5 years from now. Less is always more!  Here are some great dress options:
1. Modern City chic
what to wear for your engagement session
1 Dress: $128, Banana Republic
2.Girly Girlengagement session outfit ideas
2. Dress: $89, Lulu’s
3. Boho Love
engagement session outfit ideas
3.  Dress: $89, Lulu’s
4. Fun and Festive
outfit ideas for engagement sessions
Dress: $190, Revolve
5. Gold Beauty
engagement session outfit ideas
Dress: $232, Revolve
5. Stay away from large patterns as they can look dated and unfattering in pictures. Smaller patterns are ok, but solid colors are better. Luxe textures such as lace is a much better option.
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