Custom Flash Drives for Photographers

Custom Flash Drives for Photographers
Every little detail of our actions speaks volume of who we are. The more care and effort we put into something, the more thoughtful and put together we appear. As photographers, we have to send out a lot of Flash Drives with client images. Having a customized flash drive adds that extra special Oomph.
My welcome packages are fully customized to represent my brand, my passion for photography and the things I stand for. I’ve always been into style, textures and design, and I implement all three elements into my packages. In particular, I love having stylish and branded USB Flash Drives when sending out the digital images to clients. Here is a look at my Wooden Flash Drives available for my portrait and engagement clients. I change my styling from season to season and love the process of designing my packages.
The Drives that I use are by USB Memory Direct and can be viewed here.
Most of my sessions are done out in nature. I love beautiful natural backdrops for my sessions. I’m currently using colourful dried moss as a bed for my drives which adds to the organic feel of the wooden drive. Topped with a green bow and some branded collateral, it is a fun way to deliver a digital flash drive. Going the extra mile always pays off.
Stay inspired!