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Govi and Alex’s Engagement Session at Blue Springs State Park

I had the pleasure of photographing Govi and Alex’s Engagement Session at Blue Springs State Park. For centuries, the spring area was home for Native Americans. Blue Rock Springs is the largest spring on the St. Johns River, Blue Spring is a designated Manatee Refuge and the winter home (mid-November through March) to a growing population of West Indian Manatees. to say that we had a great time being there and getting to photograph would be an understatement. So much so- we even grabbed lunch at my favorite vegan spot after!

Govi and Alex met During pharmacy/dental school at a social event in Gainesville and were friends for 3 years before they became a couple. They truly are the perfect match. Govi proposed to Alex during a hike at the summit of a mountain in Croatia overlooking the Mediterranean ocean. Rose petals were flying everywhere due to the wind and a friend captured the moment for them. Being adventure lovers, we choose an outdoor setting that fit their personalities and also their passions for the outdoors. We decided to photography their engagement session at Blue Springs state park during the sunrise to catch the perfect golden lighting. This was my first time photographing there and I went straight to Instagram to see other examples of shoots done at the springs– which got me super excited! The lighting was just incredible and the sun shone through the mature trees. I loved how they both arrived super stylish and glamorous! It created a perfect reflection of them as a couple; two driven professionals who are fun and adventurous.

Hope you enjoy their sneak peek! I can’t wait to photograph their wedding later this year!

My Favorite Professional Printing Labs

My Favorite Professional Printing Labs

I’m always excited when I arrive home to a package full of prints. looking at hard copies of beautiful images is much more enjoyable than looking at them on a computer screen. A print lasts more than a lifetime and quickly transports you back to your most cherished memories without having to log in to your computer. A lot of fellow photographers have asked for guidance on choosing a printing lab so I wanted to share my favorite professional printing labs with all of you.

I’ve used at least 40+ different labs in my years as a full-time photographer and many came up short in either paper quality or print quality. Finding a really good printing lab can be confusing and tedious. Most professional labs require you to be a formally registered photography business in order to process orders with them with a registration process that is almost painful. But if you are willing to go through the registration process in order to build a relationship with an excellent lab that you can print with for years to come- then this blog is for you!

1: Millers Lab

Miller’s Professional Imaging is the largest professional lab organization in the United States. I love the large range of unique and customizable printing products that they offer such as images boxes, metal prints and even cut outs! Miller’s lab Offers a great customer service experience which is important when ordering client products.My Favorite Professional Printing LabsMy Favorite Professional Printing Labs

2: Zno

 Zno Lab has some of the best Flush Mount Albums that I have purchased and all of their products are made in the USA. With an extensive collection of album designs, colors, and textures, they are my go-to lab for albums. My favorite print paper that they offer is their art print paper. Their albums are heavy, excellent quality and built luxuriously. Zno is the biggest flush mount album maker in the world and they also offer some other amazing products such as holiday cards, and engagement books.

My Favorite Professional Printing LabsMy Favorite Professional Printing Labs


3: White House Custom Colour

I love White House Custom Colour (whcc) for all of my regular printing needs. I use them in connection to my Pixieset account because their prints are of really high Quality. Their Photographic Prints have a longevity of 100 years in typical display conditions and 200 years in dark storage and offer 100% color accuracy, quality-assured prints, and first-class finishing services.

My favorite printing labs My favorite printing labs

4: Canvas on the Cheap

This one is for all my friends and family who asks me for recommendations on affordable labs.

Canvas on the Cheap is a great public lab that offers good quality canvases at affordable prices. I don’t use this lab for my professional needs (or clients) BUT I use them for myself and they are GREAT for Christmas and birthday gifts or for printing in bulk to fill the walls around the house. I have canvases in my office by them and they are great. I have ordered canvases from other companies with similar price points and have been disappointed in the past. I was pleasantly surprised when I received my first order by them and now they are my recommendation for affordable prints.


Robert and Julaine’s Engagement Session at Cypress Grove Estate Park

Robert and Julaine’s Engagement Session at Cypress Grove Estate Park

Engagement Session at Cypress Grove Estate

Summer is almost here! This means that we are now entering the wedding photography season. I’m so fortunate to live in Orlando where there are so many amazing parks and lakes. There is an abundance of beautiful photo shoot locations here. After all, Florida is called the sunshine state and Orlando is called the city of Beautiful!

I love to incorporate sunsets in my photo shoots whenever possible. Golden hour lighting (1 hour after sunrise and one hour before sunset) has that ethereal warm glow that looks gorgeous in photographs. I try to schedule all of my photo shoots in the mornings or early evenings. That’s exactly what we did for Robert and Julaine’s Engagement Session at Cypress Grove Estate Park. We caught the gorgeous golden hour light!

Robert and Julaine came to Orlando for their vacation. They are both currently living in Jamaica but love to spend as much time as possible in Florida. Having family living throughout Florida gives them a great excuse to visit often. Robert had set up a surprise proposal for Julaine which he had arranged with Julaine’s family for months. I had the honor of photographing their engagement session just a couple of days after Robert proposed to Julaine. They are truly best friends who love to spend time in the outdoors and traveling. They wanted a natural setting for their engagement photos and had seen some images online that I had taken at Cypress Grove Estate Park. They fell in love with the idea of doing their engagement session there as well. Here is a quick sneak peek of their beautiful images

Engagement Session at Cypress Grove Estate Engagement Session at Cypress Grove Estate Engagement Session at Cypress Grove Estate Engagement Session at Cypress Grove Estate Engagement Session at Cypress Grove Estate

Custom Flash Drives for Photographers

Custom Flash Drives for Photographers
Every little detail of our actions speaks volume of who we are. The more care and effort we put into something, the more thoughtful and put together we appear. As photographers, we have to send out a lot of Flash Drives with client images. Having a customized flash drive adds that extra special Oomph.
My welcome packages are fully customized to represent my brand, my passion for photography and the things I stand for. I’ve always been into style, textures and design, and I implement all three elements into my packages. In particular, I love having stylish and branded USB Flash Drives when sending out the digital images to clients. Here is a look at my Wooden Flash Drives available for my portrait and engagement clients. I change my styling from season to season and love the process of designing my packages.
The Drives that I use are by USB Memory Direct and can be viewed here.
Most of my sessions are done out in nature. I love beautiful natural backdrops for my sessions. I’m currently using colourful dried moss as a bed for my drives which adds to the organic feel of the wooden drive. Topped with a green bow and some branded collateral, it is a fun way to deliver a digital flash drive. Going the extra mile always pays off.
Stay inspired!