Posted on Aug 08, 2016
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Katja and Andrew’s Amazing Shores Resort and Spa Wedding

Katja and Andrew's Amazing Shores Resort and Spa Wedding

Everyone always told me that we eventually find our “Niche” clients as photographers. Ive seen this being true more then ever during the past two years. My clients are AMAZING. I have not had a single Bridezilla, like, ever, and I attract the most sweetest, loving, and fun clients. Maybe the law of attraction holds truth, you attract what you think and are 🙂 ok enough honking my own horn (or what I call, self love) and on to this amazing wedding I got to photograph a few weeks back. Katja and Andrew’s wedding took place at The Shores Resort and Spa in Daytona Beach. Me and Ben arrived super early ( as usual) and got to breathe in the gorgeous beach stretch that would become our backdrop for the wedding and formals. After a few snapchats later, we got to celebrate an amazing wedding with amazing people. The title of this blog should probably contain the word Amazing in it since that will probably be my most used keyword here.


The wedding theme was beachy and casual, with soft colors and decor to compliment the beachside venue. Andrew is in the military, and so are all of his groomsmen. I’m all about capturing people for who they are, truly, deeply and sincerely. The military is a big part of their lives so we incorporated that in their formals (Katja’s Ideas were amazing). Don’t you enjoy how the formals came out? Oh and can you spot the bundle of joy?
Sending you both a giant hug from Orlando, as you continue your ongoing journey to Hawaii!