Posted on Apr 18, 2017

Chaitanya and Poonam’s Indian Wedding Photography in Atlanta ISKCON


I had the honor of photographing Chaitanya and Poonam’s Indian (Vedic) wedding Photography last month in Atlanta ISKCON Temple. Photographing Vedic weddings are my favorite thing to do! They are always saturated with devotion, faith, family and friendship. Indian weddings are a feast for the eyes and soul (and stomach :). The beautiful couple tied the knot (literally) at the ISKCON Temple of Atlanta. They had a mandalp built just outside the temple guest house and was surrounded by mature trees and decorated with colorful Yellow, Pink, Fuchsia and Orange flowers along with religious paraphernalia. They brought their family deities along for the wedding all the way from NJ. Their home deities had a major role in the wedding functions which made the wedding even more special.
The reception took place in a large clear tent and decorated with a vintage twist.
We sneaked off to downtown Atlanta for some elegant formals, which was totally worth it!
Funny moment: The park we initially decided to take formals in was apparently booked for a 420 festival! we decided to walk around and found some even better spots to capture pictures.
I also had the honor of having Christopher from Chris Helm Photography as my second shooter.
I’m beyond excited to share this sneak peek!



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