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Posted on Nov 24, 2016
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Company Branding- Adorable wooden Flash Drives for my packaging


I’m always revamping my company packaging- almost as often as I revamp my closet!

Style and branding is so important to me so when I received these beautiful and on point USB drives by USB Memory Direct, I was happy with how well they turned out and how they complement my branding.
I ordered dark brown wooden drives with my logo printed on top of them. They are slightly larger then the standard USB drive, which I really like.
Shipping was fast and the ordering process was super easy!
Can’t wait to send these out to clients today.

Company Branding- Adorable wooden Flash DrivesCompany Branding- Adorable wooden Flash DrivesCompany Branding- Adorable wooden Flash DrivesCompany Branding- Adorable wooden Flash DrivesCompany Branding- Adorable wooden Flash Drives

Posted on Oct 25, 2016
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How to become a more creative and artistic wedding photographer

If there is a factor that will differentiate a photographer from being just another wedding photographer taking pictures, to being an inspired, artistic wedding photographer; then it is the simple desire to create amazing works of art by challenging ourselves to constantly think outside the box.  This blog outlines some simple tools that we can utilize to become more creative and artistic wedding photographers

Being obsessed with learning photoshop and various photography techniques made photography super fun for me. Everyday I wake up ready to learn something new. I often watch creative live and B&H Photography workshops to stay inspired in my photography work.
I used to say that I was a natural light photographer. Honestly, I just never really tried using professional lighting, and thus, my lack of knowledge made me a natural light photographer more then anything.
It certainly is the easier route to just bring the minimal amount of equipment to a shoot, especially for our backs. However, it can be worth it to bring the more advanced equipment that we tend to leave behind in favor for a lighter set up. if needed, you can even find an assistant to help you carry your bags for you.
Here are some of the toys and techniques that I use on a regular basis to create creative works of art for my clients, along with images reflecting the times I’ve applied these toys and techniques. Feel free to subscribe to my blog for more tutorials and wedding pictures <3
1> Honey Comb Grids.
These grids go over your flashes and prevents flash from spilling and traveling throughout the room, or in other words, they make your flash directional. These are excellent if you only want to light up parts of your image instead of the whole image. For the bellow image, I used a honey comb grid to light up just the bride. My flash was on manual mode on the lowest power, and I had a Tiffen ND filter (see number 2 bellow) on my 35 mm 1.2 lens to make the room darker. The bride was actually sitting by a window for this shot with lots of natural light coming through. I love using these grids for dramatic images. You can get them here for a very affordable price.
Wedding photography tutorial
2. Variable ND Filter.
If you are familiar with my photographic style, then you know that I Love to capture clouds in my images. This can be challenging sometimes in Florida while shooting at a wide open aperture. The sky can look blown out and sometimes even completely white. My Variable ND filter allows me to not only shoot wide open in the middle of the day while capturing beautiful clouds but it also allows me to create completely different looks no matter what time of the day it is. I can also use flash in sunlight without shooting at f8<. The bellow image was shot at 10am on a super sunny day. For the phone booth image , I placed two flashes inside the phone booth to lighten up my subjects while using the ND filter on the darkest setting. The filter that I use is the Tiffen 77mm Variable ND Filter which can be adjusted 2 to 8 stops to create the look that I want. This ND filter can be purchased on amazon, or on B&H Photo.
Creative photography tutorialND filter tutorial
3. Westcott flex LED mat.
I just love this super portable and super lightweight westcott light. I bring this in my purse to my sessions in case I feel like I need it. The light is super bright, easy to use, and you can roll it into an icelight, which is how I used it for the bellow two images! I also use this light when it is cloudy out casting shadows under my subjects eyes.
4. Odd angles
I love shooting from odd angles. I sometimes find myself inside bushes, shooting from really far away from the clients (or really close), or laying on the floor to create a different perspective.
I often use the rule of thirds, but sometime I break those as well! Using different angles can allow to viewers eyes to travel throughout the image and creating a more interesting perspective and mood
Castle hotel weddingWestcott Flex LED matt light tutorialorlando wedding photographer under 5000Wedding photography workshop orlando
6. Placing objects in front of the camera lens.
I use this technique to create a story and to add an element of mystery to an image. An image can appear more dreamy and romantic when placing an objects in front of your lens to add just a touch of color to the edge of the image, bokeh effect or even lens flares when using a crystal – all while shooting with a wide open aperture. It also adds an artistic twist to the image.
7. Using flash with triggers.
If you have two flashes, get flash triggers with two flash stands to allow you to shoot with off camera flash. Using off camera flash can really up the quality of your image and allows for brighter, sharper pictures- all with a portable, easy to carry system. There is no limits to the creativity and artistic freedom you will have with off camera flash. I create catch lights and even replicate golden hour with warm gels! You don’t need to shell out a ton of money for triggers- Yongnuo offers triggers that are super reliable and good!
orlando photography teacher and tutorialsCastle hotel wedding
The takeaway of this post is that there are endless ways to be more creative and artistic as a wedding photographer. The more we learn and practice different techniques, the more skills we can offer our clients. I hope you feel inspired to think outside the box and to become the most amazing photographer that you can become. If you like this post, feel free to comment bellow, send feedback or share it with others whom you think might benefit from this post.
Stay Amazing!


Posted on Mar 17, 2016

Finding your own artistic style as a photographer.


When I first started as a full time photographer, One of the most valuable advice I received was to find my own photographic Style. At the time, my style was very standard and classic, thus likable by everyone. Although beautiful, I played it safe by not over editing, and sticking to the basics in terms of posing. After some time, I found that the clients who booked us, drew our card from a pool of photographers with a similar “standard” style and price points. The booking seemed more based on pricing rather then on the style we had to offer.

How could I differentiate myself from the rest? I started focusing my time on developing my own unique style. I spent countless hours learning photoshop techniques, editing skills, and followed photographers who inspired me to search deeper for that inner vision I had held back for so long due to fears.

Implementing our own unique style narrowed down the client pool at first by removing those who liked a more plain look. However, those clients who wanted what we offered poured in their inquiries and made our business bloom within months.

The results being that we booked more weddings in one year then we did in 2 years combined. Our inquiries transformed from “What is your price?” to “I love your style, how can I book you?” and we quickly received a clear target audience within just a few months.

Our photographic vision is what will separate us from the rest as an artist and photographer. Keeping things safe might make us feel secure and protected, but jumping the fence and learning to sail our own boat of creativity will allow us to reach new places and heights we have never explored before.

If you are trying to create a more narrow and clear photography style, read on!

What inspires you as an artist?

Find the things that inspire you the most and create a focused implementation of your inspirations into your photographic style.

Some examples can be: Odd angles, rule of thirds, fashion/ editorial, clouds, sunsets, architecture, family, vivid colors, romantic poses, silliness, nature, urban,  details etc.

My top 3 inspirations are:


1. Sky/ Sunsets.

I’m in love with the sky. I don’t know what it is, but whenever I feel down, I instantly look up at the clouds and re-connect with my life purpose. I’m often known to bring my camera in case a magical sunset appears. I will then use some of these shots in future post processing.

Orlando wedding photographerobviously she said yes!Amanda and Christopher's Park Ave Engagement Photography
2. Happiness.
Everyone in the world wants one thing- happiness. I believe a smile is contagious and looking at someone laughing automatically puts a smile on your face. If you see my images, a majority of them are of candid, happy moments captured in time. Happiness is one of my biggest inspirations.
3. Colors.
I Love colors. I’m in awe with Indian culture which cultural backbone is spirituality and vivid colors. I always try to see colors in my images, be it the sun, sun flare rainbows, the sky or flowers/ nature.
 editesdfsdfsdfsWinter Park Engagement SessionOrlando wedding photographer
A big part of determining a photographers style is the white balance and exposure style preferred.
Some photographers prefer a cooler while balance while others like warmer, golden pictures. Some people like 100% color corrected pictures but might use a darker or lighter exposure. Whatever the case is, determine what you love and create a consistent editing streamline.
I’m going to use some amazing photographers as an example of these categorized styles:
Warm tones:
Cool tones with darker exposure:
Bright Exposures/ desaturated:


Posted on Feb 17, 2016
Expressing personality through branding
Expressing personality through branding

Check out this adorable camera tape 🙂

Lets chat about Branding. To be honest I didn’t get the importance of branding until just around two years ago. I was too focused on the photography aspect of our business, that I gave very little time to the cosmetic aspect of our company. Oddly enough, I love design and fashion.
One day It just clicked in my mind.
It clicked to me that the look of my brand, is like the decor in my home, or my fashion sense. My decor and style is a reflection of my personality. I decided to extend this concept to our brand, and used my wardrobe and decor as the inspiration.
My style is quirky, fun, stylish yet classic.
As always, everything that is and that will ever be, is a work-in-progress! Here’s to growing and expanding and being true to our personalities.
What is your branding style?
Expressing personality through branding

Expressing personality through branding

Uniformed Thank you notes

This is our basic Welcome packet. We also have a larger packet for larger weddings and usually include a cute "Love" related gift.

This is our basic Welcome packet. We also have a larger packet for larger weddings and usually include a cute “Love” related gift.

I love this "Do Not Disturb" door hanger. A fun little branded item that we include in our welcome package.

I love this “Do Not Disturb” door hanger. A fun little branded item that we include in our welcome package.

Wardrobe inspiration

Wardrobe inspiration