Posted on Feb 12, 2018
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Custom Flash Drives for Photographers
Every little detail of our actions speaks volume of who we are. The more care and effort we put into something, the more thoughtful and put together we appear. As photographers, we have to send out a lot of Flash Drives with client images. Having a customized flash drive adds that extra special Oomph.
My welcome packages are fully customized to represent my brand, my passion for photography and the things I stand for. I’ve always been into style, textures and design, and I implement all three elements into my packages. In particular, I love having stylish and branded USB Flash Drives when sending out the digital images to clients. Here is a look at my Wooden Flash Drives available for my portrait and engagement clients. I change my styling from season to season and love the process of designing my packages.
The Drives that I use are by USB Memory Direct and can be viewed here.
Most of my sessions are done out in nature. I love beautiful natural backdrops for my sessions. I’m currently using colourful dried moss as a bed for my drives which adds to the organic feel of the wooden drive. Topped with a green bow and some branded collateral, it is a fun way to deliver a digital flash drive. Going the extra mile always pays off.
Stay inspired!
Posted on Jun 25, 2016
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Life has been extremely hectic  during the past few months, ending with my husbands passing on June 10th at the age of 27. He had been battling with cancer for two years after being diagnosed with testicular cancer.

Those who knew him, knew him to be a gentleman, a bit shy and extremely funny. He taught me everything I know, and in return, I was able to grow this business the way we always dreamed of. More importantly, he was my best friend and constant companion.

He passed away peacefully at his parents home after being in and out of the hospital for a month. His passing has ushered a lot of changes both personally and for this business. I have decided to take a leap of faith and continue to develop my photographic voice they way I’ve always wanted to.
Luckily for me, I have a web of professional photographers whom I admire that will help assist along this journey and to second shoot whenever needed.
Through the pain and sorrow, I feel very blessed at the same time. Life is a fragil journey and I feel honored to be able to capture moments of joy in peoples lives.
The week after Gaji’s passing, I went on a spree trying to find every single image of us to make sure that they remain preserved forever.
I got to experience first hand how important pictures are, and only regret not taking enough of us.
To all our clients, friends and family who have shown their tremendous support during this difficult time, I LOVE you!
Here’s to growth, to healing, and to knowing that love lasts forever
Here's to growth, to healing, and to knowing that love lasts foreverHere's to growth, to healing, and to knowing that love lasts foreverHere's to growth, to healing, and to knowing that love lasts foreverHere's to growth, to healing, and to knowing that love lasts foreverHere's to growth, to healing, and to knowing that love lasts foreverLotus eyes photographyOrlando wedding photographer
Posted on Mar 17, 2016

Finding your own artistic style as a photographer.


When I first started as a full time photographer, One of the most valuable advice I received was to find my own photographic Style. At the time, my style was very standard and classic, thus likable by everyone. Although beautiful, I played it safe by not over editing, and sticking to the basics in terms of posing. After some time, I found that the clients who booked us, drew our card from a pool of photographers with a similar “standard” style and price points. The booking seemed more based on pricing rather then on the style we had to offer.

How could I differentiate myself from the rest? I started focusing my time on developing my own unique style. I spent countless hours learning photoshop techniques, editing skills, and followed photographers who inspired me to search deeper for that inner vision I had held back for so long due to fears.

Implementing our own unique style narrowed down the client pool at first by removing those who liked a more plain look. However, those clients who wanted what we offered poured in their inquiries and made our business bloom within months.

The results being that we booked more weddings in one year then we did in 2 years combined. Our inquiries transformed from “What is your price?” to “I love your style, how can I book you?” and we quickly received a clear target audience within just a few months.

Our photographic vision is what will separate us from the rest as an artist and photographer. Keeping things safe might make us feel secure and protected, but jumping the fence and learning to sail our own boat of creativity will allow us to reach new places and heights we have never explored before.

If you are trying to create a more narrow and clear photography style, read on!

What inspires you as an artist?

Find the things that inspire you the most and create a focused implementation of your inspirations into your photographic style.

Some examples can be: Odd angles, rule of thirds, fashion/ editorial, clouds, sunsets, architecture, family, vivid colors, romantic poses, silliness, nature, urban,  details etc.

My top 3 inspirations are:


1. Sky/ Sunsets.

I’m in love with the sky. I don’t know what it is, but whenever I feel down, I instantly look up at the clouds and re-connect with my life purpose. I’m often known to bring my camera in case a magical sunset appears. I will then use some of these shots in future post processing.

Orlando wedding photographerobviously she said yes!Amanda and Christopher's Park Ave Engagement Photography
2. Happiness.
Everyone in the world wants one thing- happiness. I believe a smile is contagious and looking at someone laughing automatically puts a smile on your face. If you see my images, a majority of them are of candid, happy moments captured in time. Happiness is one of my biggest inspirations.
3. Colors.
I Love colors. I’m in awe with Indian culture which cultural backbone is spirituality and vivid colors. I always try to see colors in my images, be it the sun, sun flare rainbows, the sky or flowers/ nature.
 editesdfsdfsdfsWinter Park Engagement SessionOrlando wedding photographer
A big part of determining a photographers style is the white balance and exposure style preferred.
Some photographers prefer a cooler while balance while others like warmer, golden pictures. Some people like 100% color corrected pictures but might use a darker or lighter exposure. Whatever the case is, determine what you love and create a consistent editing streamline.
I’m going to use some amazing photographers as an example of these categorized styles:
Warm tones:
Cool tones with darker exposure:
Bright Exposures/ desaturated:


Posted on Mar 16, 2016
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Have you ever had a day when you wake up feel like something is just off? You don’t feel as perky as you usually do and feel like you need some re-programing of the heart, mind and body.

 Yea, that perfectly describes my morning.
On the upside, we do have the power to change every minute of our lives, what to speak of our immediate day.
This morning I dragged myself out of bed. I wanted so badly to hit the snooze button but decided to get up bright and early before my mind won.
I drove myself to yoga class and as I sat on my mat setting my intention for the day, I decided that today will be dedicated to feeding my soul, not my mind. Things clicked that I just needed a little me time. Between a busy photography season, upcoming travels and closing on a house, I decided that I need to arrange my schedule so that I can nurture my soul a little more. I needed to take that slow deep breathe (can I get a OM?) and realize that god has my back, no matter what the outcome. I placed my mind on the back burner and was left with just ME. My higher self without my mind, worry and fears.
Everything is perfect, and my journey is perfectly molded for me.
It is so easy to feed unto fear, worry and over planning the future. Sometimes we just have to let go, be in the right now and feel grace and gratefulness.
With that said, I’m ready to tackle the day in a happy spirit! Thank you mind, for today you’ve been a good friend.
I feel like a blank canvas ready to create. Doing little things for ourselves result in much better versions of ourselves and allows our creativity to fully flourish.
Here is a video to get you going:
Breathe in Love, Breathe out WorryBreathe in Love, Breathe out Worry