Posted on Sep 18, 2017
CD Cover Shoot for Mayapuris New CD 9 Islands
One of the most exciting aspects of being a photographer is seeing a vision come to life and figuring out the steps to get there. My Photoshoot with the Mayapuris was no exception to this! I had a blast Photographing Images for Mayapuris New CD 9 Islands in Gainesville.
Working with other artists is always exciting to me because they don’t think small in terms of creativity. Their creative vision always inspires me to think outside the box, to go that extra mile and to push myself out of my comfort zone.
I drove up to Gainesville from Orlando to discuss their vision for their upcoming CD. Vishvambar greeted me by my car as we headed to scout location options for 3 different variations. One of their friends graciously allowed us the freedom to photograph around their property. The 3 looks that we wanted to capture were:
1.Something that reflected the theme of the CD. 9 Islands represents the 9 sacred Islands in Maypur, India known as Navadvipa. This is the center where the Kirtan (Mantra Music) movement started before spreading all over the world. The mood board words were devotional, water, instruments, and Gaur Nitai.
2. For the second theme, we wanted something more artsy with a western twist. Think Instruments, Art, Performing, Stage, production and colorful lighting.
3. The third theme was simply Kirtan. I wanted to capture them just jamming out to kirtan with their instruments and with an old time feel to the images. The words that came to my mind for this theme were: Lord Chaitanya’s army, kirtan, instruments, fields, clouds, simplicity, and mercy.
The day of the shoot was quite overcast and we actually had to retreat inside numerous times because of the rain. This shoot was such a team effort! Gangi from Ganjam Tribe really made the set beautiful with endless ambient lighting strung throughout the property.
We all had a blast photographing all three looks and I’m so happy with how the images came out! Keep an eye out on their Album drop date on their facebook page
CD Cover Shoot for Mayapuris New CD 9 IslandsCD Cover Shoot for Mayapuris New CD 9 IslandsCD Cover Shoot for Mayapuris New CD 9 Islands
Orlando CD Cover PhotographyCD Cover Shoot for Mayapuris New CD 9 IslandsCD Cover Shoot for Mayapuris New CD 9 IslandsCD Cover Shoot for Mayapuris New CD 9 IslandsCD Cover Shoot for Mayapuris New CD 9 IslandsCD Cover Shoot for Mayapuris New CD 9 IslandsCD Cover Shoot for Mayapuris New CD 9 IslandsCD Cover Shoot for Mayapuris New CD 9 IslandsCD Cover Shoot for Mayapuris New CD 9 IslandsCD Cover Shoot for Mayapuris New CD 9 Islands
Posted on Mar 29, 2017

Editorial Product Photography for Urban Carry Holsters

Supporting local businesses has always been a passion of mine. I’m always checking for “made in America” on tags when shopping and don’t mind spending a bit more to help our own economy. When Dave, the owner of Urban Carry Holsters reached out for me to photograph his American made holster, I was intrigued by the idea of photographing outside my normal scope of work while supporting a local business.

I love being approached by companies who appriciate my photographic style regardless of its content (lots of weddings, lots of engagements). Dave,  who’s father is a photographer, appreciated my composition and editing style. We collaborated to create new editorial photography for his business.
Urban carry holster went Viral a couple of years ago thanks to their youtube video. The company went from a staff of 8 to a staff of 38 within two weeks! It was amazing to hear his story first hand.
I have to admit, I’m not the most comfortable around firearms. However I think that in this day and age, it is not a bad idea to be protected from potential criminal encounters who surely will have a firearm, wether legally or not. Urban Carry holsters ensures that firearms are securely fastened and discreetly tucked away for emergency.
Here are three captures from our session
Editorial Product PhotographyOrlando Editorial Product PhotographyOrlando Editorial Product Photography
Posted on Sep 01, 2016

Orlando Model Headshots

Had a blast photographing Beatrice at my home studio last week. Here are a few shots from our session:).

Orlando fashion photographerModel headshot photographer in OrlandoOrlando headshot photographerOrlando fashion and catalog photographer

I wanted a few different looks so I played with my Westcott flexlight, blue and red filters and my smoke machine! This enabled me to get a few different moods!





Posted on Feb 26, 2016
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 Commercial Real Estate Photography in Orlando

Orlando Commercial Real Estate Photography

We had the honor of photographing a Shopping Plaza in Orlando Florida. We consider this project to be an addition to our Commercial Real Estate Photography portfolio. The property is currently available for sale for over 8 million dollars. We were asked to photograph the property from the ground level with future potential for aerial photography as well.

Our goal in this project was to portray the property from customers point of view. We used a sequence of wide angels to capture each of the properties. In additional, we were asked to photograph the current tenants. We were also requested to photograph the parking lot. In commercial Real Estate Photography, we must focus on accurately portraying the scale of the property and also displaying the property grounds.  A buyer for this property will be interested in the location in relation to major road ways, places of employment, schools and attractions.

In the next few weeks will be publishing more of our commercial real estate photography work at this link:

Here are a few images from the project.

Commercial Real Estate Photography

Real Estate Photography

Commercial Real estate photographer commercial real estate photography in orlando commercial property photography commercial property photographers