Posted on Aug 28, 2016
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Barnabas Family session at Hilton Orlando
Orlando portrait photographer
Family sessions are always fun to photograph and being around kids is even more fun! I’ve had the pleasure of photographing Barnabas Family session at Hilton Orlando for two years in a row during their family vacations here in Florida.
It just so happen that this session fell on my birthday (You know you love your job when you don’t mind working on your birthday) and I was more then happy to get to spend my day with them.
I was super happy to hear from them and headed to the Hilton Orlando International drive where they were staying. I’ve photographed plenty of weddings at this Hilton hotel before so i’m very familiar with the grounds and what locations to go to for great pictures. It was a sunny and hot day, so we made good use of the cool lobby and pool area. I thought these images came out great, and so did my clients :)Don’t you love their matching outfits? The sunglasses is now a tradition at every shoot!  Hope you enjoy this quick sneak peak
Family session at Hilton OrlandoFamily session at Hilton OrlandoFamily session at Hilton OrlandoFamily session at Hilton OrlandoFamily session at Hilton OrlandoOrlando portrait photographerOrlando portrait photographerOrlando portrait photographerOrlando portrait photographer



Posted on Aug 22, 2016
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Wendi and David’s Baughman Center, Gainesville wedding photography

Wendi and David's Baughman Center, Gainesville wedding photography

During our initial meeting, Wendi and I chatted about her wedding, life, music, love and business. We shared many laughs together and I felt like I was reunited with an old friend. I knew I would enjoy being a part of her wedding day, and I was right!

Wendi is a musician and piano composer, and she composed her own songs on which were played during the ceremony. How special is that!? She is really really good!

Wendi and David tied the knot at the Baughman Center in Gainesville FL. The church is a gorgeous sun filled venue surrounded by diamond cut windows and showered by natural light.
You basically need zero decorations there because the windows are gorgeous enough alone as a backdrop to any wedding ceremony.
The Reception was held at their communities club house, and family and friends from all over the world flew in to join in the celebrations!
Here is a quick sneak peek!
Posted on Aug 15, 2016
WFH Congress Event Photography at OCCC
My team and I had the pleasure of photographing the World Federation of Hemophilia congress at the Orange County Convention Center a few weeks back.
I love doing event photography for events that are informative, engaging and puts its marks on making the world a better place. The congress acts to educate leaders in the field of hemophilia treatment and research, and to raise awareness all over the world.
Hemophilia is a type of bleeding disorder that causes the blood to take a long time to clot. This can cause abnormal bleeding, or bleeding that won’t stop. People with hemophilia have too little—or even none—of a protein in the blood called clotting factor.
For over 50 years, the WFH has been working globally to close the gap in care between those who receive proper treatment and those who do not.
During the congress, we got to work closely with the WFH editors in capturing images for the event, social media content and their daily newspaper. Here is a quick sneak peek
Posted on Aug 08, 2016
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Katja and Andrew’s Amazing Shores Resort and Spa Wedding

Katja and Andrew's Amazing Shores Resort and Spa Wedding

Everyone always told me that we eventually find our “Niche” clients as photographers. Ive seen this being true more then ever during the past two years. My clients are AMAZING. I have not had a single Bridezilla, like, ever, and I attract the most sweetest, loving, and fun clients. Maybe the law of attraction holds truth, you attract what you think and are 🙂 ok enough honking my own horn (or what I call, self love) and on to this amazing wedding I got to photograph a few weeks back. Katja and Andrew’s wedding took place at The Shores Resort and Spa in Daytona Beach. Me and Ben arrived super early ( as usual) and got to breathe in the gorgeous beach stretch that would become our backdrop for the wedding and formals. After a few snapchats later, we got to celebrate an amazing wedding with amazing people. The title of this blog should probably contain the word Amazing in it since that will probably be my most used keyword here.


The wedding theme was beachy and casual, with soft colors and decor to compliment the beachside venue. Andrew is in the military, and so are all of his groomsmen. I’m all about capturing people for who they are, truly, deeply and sincerely. The military is a big part of their lives so we incorporated that in their formals (Katja’s Ideas were amazing). Don’t you enjoy how the formals came out? Oh and can you spot the bundle of joy?
Sending you both a giant hug from Orlando, as you continue your ongoing journey to Hawaii!